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captions by closed captioning services >> trace: what will ceas anthony's life be like when she is released from jail? the one time defense trial speaks. 20 people dead after a terrorists attack a major metropolis. >> trace: he had -- they hit right during rush hour. packed with people. three bombs designed to tear apart innocent people. tonight, a new terrorist massacre hits at the heart of the city. mystery charge on your phone bill. >> it's not authorized to be there legally it shouldn't be there, but it is there. >> and it adds up to serious money for the phone companies. >> well over a billion dollars in profit. >> trace: tonight, a new investigation blows open a nationwide scam. plus, if your kid pack once the
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pounds, does that mean you are a bad parent? some experts now arguing the state should actually remove obese kids from their families. tonight, the custody controversy. first, from fox this wednesday night, another day of terror in mumbai. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. three bombings killing at least 21 people and wounding more than 140. officials calling it a terror attack, though so far no one has claimed responsibility. and some of the images too graphic for tv. bodies lying in the streets. survivors dragging bloodied victims to trucks and taxis. police say the blast went off in three different neighborhoods just minutes apart during the evening rush. president obama condemning the, quote, outrageous attacks: it is the deadliest assault on india's financial capital since november of 2008. that's when militants killed
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more than 166 people in a three day rampage. the national correspondent catherine herridge works intelligence for us. she is live in our d.c. newsroom. what else do we know about today's bombings? >> u.s. officials are watching and waiting tonight for claim of responsibility but none has materialized. these officials describe the attack as, quote, coordinated and hall marks of sophisticated operation. senator with intelligence background says the mujahideen is suspect but tells fox the group is poorly organized and probably had outside help, probably from pakistani intelligence. >> but with the dramatic attack like, this obviously coordinated over three locations, it took money and it took planning. that always raises the spector of the isi in pakistan. >> still photos seem to confirm early reports that the plot relied on improvised explosive devices or ied's plabilitied in parked cars. an attack often associated with afghanistan, iraq and pakistan.
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but, again tonight there is still no immediate claim of responsibility. that's the same pattern we saw back in 2008, trace. >> trace: catherine, this could effect the united states as well, right? >> as soon as the story broke, the focus was on these similarities with the attack in 2008. that was a rampage that was surprisingly low tech. it relied on 10 pakistani militants armed with cell phones, handguns and backpacks filled with explosives. the group with links to pakistani intelligence was ultimately blamed. leading analysts warn to jumping to any conclusions. >> if the attack were caused to try to provoke a crisis between india and pakistan that would have major complications for the united states. we don't want to see those two countries go into another crisis and fight another war which they have done three times in the past. >> secretary of state clinton is going ahead with travel to india that was previously scheduled for next week, trace. >> trace: catherine herridge live for us in watt. catherine, thank you. fox urgent now, latest white
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house meeting on raising the nation's debt ceiling with president obama abruptly walking out. that's the word from house majority leader eric cantor, and the stakes in the standoff just got higher. the credit agency moody's putting america's aaa rating on review for a possible downgrade. that could raise interest rates on things like mortgages and car loans. officials at other credit rating agencies, standard and poor's and fitch say they may make similar moves. moody's official say a deal is looking less and less likely. the top senate republican says he agrees. minority leader mitch mcconnell coming up with a plan he calls the last resort to let the president raise the debt ceiling on his own. >> the president began to insist in recent weeks that he would only consider spending cuts later if republicans agreed now to one of the biggest tax hikes in history. republicans refuse to be drawn into this legislative trap. >> mcconnell plan shows what the
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other party, the other side of the aisle really cares about. preserving tax breaks for the rich, preserving corporate loopholes, much more than reducing our deficit and bringing down our debt. >> but senator schumer and other democrats are praising senator mcconnell for at least coming up with a plan. in fact, it's some of his fellow republicans who say they don't like it. mike emanuel is live for us at the white house. mike, what do we know about how this latest meeting went? >> well, trace, sources inside the room say it was the most tense meeting of the week. as you mentioned, the president walking out after almost two hours. congressman eric cantor telling reporters that any progress that was made seems to have been erased. frustration appears to be running high. here is one description. house speaker john boehner telling reporters earlier today's dealing with therges the white house, the last couple of
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months has been like dealing with jell-o. some days it is firmer than others. sometimes it's like they have left it out overnight. both sides will get back to the negotiating table tomorrow, late afternoon for day five in a row. trace? >> trace: mike, what about the mcconnell backup plan? it sounds like republicans dislike it more than democrats do. >> no question about that. a lot of republicans have been highly critical. trying to be critical not to be critical of senator mcconnell but saying they do not like the plan. the white house even sound like they liked it more than some of the republicans. here's a sample of the reaction. take a listen. >> i don't like the idea of relinquishing our power to raise the debt just for the president. i view that we have a responsibility as members of congress to bring the accountability back to this country. >> while we think it's important that senator mcconnell has acknowledged that under no circumstances should we default on our obligations, that would not be a satisfying outcome to
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us. >> but it sounds like these consecutive meetings day after day have not provided any kind of satisfying outcome. and so you wonder if the mcconnell plan may become necessity, trace? >> trace: you wonder. mike emanuel live for us at the white house. mike, thank you. the evidence was manufactured. that from defense attorneys for the former pitching great roger clemens whose federal perjury trial began today in washington. as you may know, the rocket faces up to 30 years in prison if found guilty of lying under oath to congress about his suspected use of performance-enhancing drugs. prosecutors say they have needles and cotton balls that contain clemens' d.n.a. as well as traces of steroids that proves clemens was lying back in 2008 when he said. this i have been accused of something i'm not guilty of. how do you prove a negative? no matter what we discuss here, i'm never going to have my name restored, but i have got to try
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to set the record straight. let me be clear, i have never taken steroids or hgh. >> trace: the defense claims that statement was true and that clemens former personal trainer brian mcnamee my manufactured the evidence found on the needles and the cotton balls. jonathan hunt live in new york with more. jonathan, what else did the prosecution say today to bolster their case? >> well, first of all, trace, they said that that evidence, the needles and the cotton balls was kept by brian mcnamee my because he was always kept particular call that roger clemens was defend him if there were ever any allegations over steroids. and when he realized that he was in the prosecution's words, being thrown under the bus, the trainer, he decided to keep that material. prosecution attorneys also said they will call 45 witnesses, including some of clemens' former teammates who will prove that clemens did, indeed, take steroids and human growth hormone, trace. >> trace: jonathan, the defense attacking the credibility of
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this former trainer. >> yeah. it seems that that will be the basis of the defense. they are going to go after this former trainer, brian mcnamee me. they said today in court that he has told a series of lies and, quote, he is still lying. they also say there has been a rush to judgment against roger clemens. and u by the way, if you are wondering what a baseball legend does after his first day in court, take a look at this. there he is roger clemens going to the dry cleaners, straight from the court. snapped by our producer mike lavigne. he was apparently picking up a shirt and some other clothes. so there you go, trace, celebrities are just like us. although you never pick up your own dry cleaning i hear. >> trace: got to have clean clothes. jonathan, thank you. the new legal hake for casey anthony as she gets hit with a brand new lawsuit while she is still behind bars. >> i will see if the system is going to work and just hope we don't get the same jury. i mean, that's a fact.
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>> trace: we'll see what this case is all about and what defense lawyers say about the plan for when she walks free this weekend. plus, if your children are overweight, should the state take them away? it's a fiery new debate and we'll have it for you next as fox reports tonight.
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>> trace: the search for a missing 8-year-old boy in brooklyn, new york ending today after police say they found his
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severed limbs inside a freezer. and in a suitcase. he went missing in a tightly knit jewish neighborhood monday while on the way to meet his mother after day camp. it was the first time his parents had allowed him to walk alone. police commissioner raymond kelly says investigators tracked down a 35-year-old suspect spotted on surveillance video with the boy. on his refrigerator and inside his home they discovered blood. >> inside the refrigerator was a cutting board with three carving knives with blood on them. some of the remains were in the freezer. and others in the dumpster two and a half miles away. >> trace: police say the little boy apparently got lost on the seven block walk home and asked for directions. on tuesday night thousands of neighbors, friends, and family searched for the boy. >> just a straight up citgo -- sicko.
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the guy is crazy. and anybody who -- doesn't matter jewish, puerto rico,en anywhere. anybody who does such a thing is a sicko. >> trace: authorities say the suspect has no major criminal record. the police commissioner says statements made by the suspect indicate he panicked when he saw the extensive search for the boy and that is why he killed him. casey anthony's lawyers are now responding to reports that she is going to change her looks when she gets out of jail. a jury cleared casey of killing her daughter and she is due to walk free this sunday. and the "chicago sun times" had reported talk that casey was considering changing her name or even getting plastic surgery. but a member of casey's defense team says don't bet on it. those comments are coming up. meantime, it looks like casey has some more court appearances in her future. the texas search group equusearch has now filed a lawsuit against casey to get back all the money it spent looking for caylee.
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equusearch reports it spent more than $100,000 on the effort and 4200 volunteers contributed their time. the group served casey with the lawsuit this morning in jail. >> there was really no reaction. she just asked if i had got a copy to her attorney. >> did she look surprised or anything like that? >> not really. she was actually -- i think she had just woke up. >> trace: equusearch also reports that while teams were looking for casey's not really missing daughter, it turned down 15 requests from other families to look for their missing loved ones. phil keating covered the trial and is he live in our south florida newsroom. casey isn't planning on plastic surgery, apparently? >> very unlikely, trace. a blunt response, one of the defense team members of casey anthony tells us any report about her living life like a former mobster in witness protection is, quote, a crock just b.s., adding her biggest concern right now is getting out of jail and safely. we will keep her safe and give her options.
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and about an hour ago, a 10:00 a.m. court hearing has been scheduled for friday on behalf of the real gonzalez. she is suing casey anthony for defamation for using her name as the nanny who kidnapped cale lee. her attorney tops depose her in prison for fear she will change her name and look and go into hiding. trace? >> trace: phil, you have heard any more why they are not charging casey's mom for perjury? >> later this afternoon we did. it comes down to trying and trying cindy anthony for perjury is not worth it she was, of course, the mother of casey anthony and said she was the one who searched for chloroform on the home computers which was later disproven on the trial. according to a spokesman for the state attorney's office quote it would be a tremendous effort for the state to prove it and tremendous cost to the state. we would look vindictive like sour grapes. the prosecutor is saying he doesn't want to seem eager to win a perjury conviction against
7:17 pm
the mom just because he failed to get the murder conviction against the daughter. trace? >> trace: phil keating live for us in south florida. phil, thank you. our own greta van susteren is continuing her conversation with the casey anthony jury foreman. here is a preview of tonight's interview. >> did she look at you at all? did she have any contact with the jury that you know of? sort of eye contact? >> just quick eye contact that she would make. we were sitting right in front of her. so it was going to happen. >> what do you think she is like? any idea? >> i have no clue. it's -- as far as, you know, i know from what i have seen in evidence, i know from the videos that i have seen from her when she was in prison, the pictures that were taken that were admitted in evidence, anything about her personality, i do think that she has issues that she will battle forever. >> trace: the full interview airs "on the record" tonight
7:18 pm
10:00 p.m. eastern time. again, "on the record." kids' meals could look a whole lot different the next time you walk into a fast food restaurant. the big name chains that claim they are making those meals healthier. that's next. plus, the minnesota government shut down now affecting the beer industry. and forcing one of the nation's biggest brewers to take its product out of stores. and another unbelievable finish at the women's world cup. the u.s. team doing something it has not been able to do in 12 years. and that is still ahead.
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>> trace: a fox urgent now. democrats firing back after a comment from a top house republican about today's talks on raising the debt limit. as we reported earlier majority
7:22 pm
leader eric cantor told fox news the white house meeting ended with president obama abruptly walking out. now a senior democratic aide is denying that saying and i'm quoting here congressman cantor is the last person who should complain about people abruptly walking out of meetings, much more on the story as it comes in. meantime big restaurant chains making over menus to offer healthier choices to kids. burlinger king, chili's and i hop. cut calories and bigger selection of fruits, veggies and whole grains. launching the initiative today. according to the trade group americans eat about a third of their meals in restaurants. many nutritionists, of course, are praising the voluntary plan. heather thild dress is live in our new york newsroom. one noticeable absence here is mcdonald's. not on the list. >> not on the list. several restaurant chains have not yet committed to the effort. in fact, including mcdonald's as
7:23 pm
you mentioned the world's largest burger chain. while the f.d.a. will require restaurants with 20 or more locations to post calories on their menus this initiative called kids live well it's not part of the f.d.a. it's completely voluntary. >> we all know have experienced is where families celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with a little meat and -- after a game or meeting. for a time crunched family on the go, goes for takeout. no matter what the occasion, we recognize the very important roles that restaurants play in americans' lives. >> trace, nutritionists are just saying this is another tool to a healthier lifestyle. hopefully. >> trace: i have got kids. i know mac and cheese very well. this doesn't mean kids are going to pick the healthy stuff, heather. >> the less healthy food like burgers and fries will still be on the menu. here are the guidelines restaurants have to follow to participate, including at least
7:24 pm
one kids' menu item that is $600 calories or less and meets other nutritional requirements and a side dish worth less than 200 calories must be included. those in favor of the program they say that with one in three children in the u.s. considered overweight or obese, promoting apple fries maybe over french fries can't hurt, right? >> trace: yeah, it can't hurt at all. heather shilder chilledders. thanks. prestige journal of the american medical association suggesting that some parents should lose custody of extremely obese children. there have reportedly been a few cases in the united states where that's actually happened. the authors of that article also claim that in some cases temporary foster care can be more ethical than subjecting overweight kids to corrective surgery. supporters of that idea, liken obesity to a form of abuse. critics of government intervention says splitting up families is way to extreme and
7:25 pm
that other factors like pier pressure can play into childhood obesity. >> well, there are startling new numbers from the transportation security administration. on the tens of thousands of things that have slipped past airport security in recent years. plus, reality tv's polygamist family back in the spotlight. but not for their show. the sister wives stars now fighting a law that makes their plural marriage illegal in their home state. and a disturbing new look at the couple who kidnapped and held jaycee dugard prisoner in their backyard for nearly 20 years. the home video that helped convict them. ahead on "the fox report." r was checking up on me. i wasn't eating well. she's a dietitian. and she suggested i try boost complete nutritional drink to help get the nutrition i was missing. now i drink it everyday, and i love the great new taste.
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[ female announcer ] boost has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to help keep bones strong and 10 grams of protein help maintain muscle. and boost has the taste that's preferred. your favorite patient is here! [ dad ] i choose being strong and active. i choose new and improved boost.
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>> trace: well the u.s. women's national soccer team securing its place in the world cup final for the first time since 1999. breaking a 1-1 tie with france
7:29 pm
at the 79 minute mark with a powerful header off a corner kick. about three minutes later alex morgan put away any doubts with a beautiful chip over the french goalie. the united states now set to play japan for the world cup title on sunday. and if the u.s. wins, it will become the first team to win the women's world cup three times. wow. well, this could get ugly. the government shutdown in minnesota is now threatening beer. officials telling miller coors to pull its products from stores, bars, and restaurants. they say the company's licenses have expired and the workers who could renew them are off the job during the shutdown. a spokesman says miller coors hopes to work things out with state regulators and is he not ruling out possible legal action. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time now for the top of the news. new details and new concerns
7:30 pm
tonight about security at our nation's airports. house lawmakers sounding the alarm over newly published government statistics that show there have been at least 25,000 security breaches since november 2001. that's when officials revamped airport security screening procedures in response to 9/11. but while there hasn't been another attack, there have been security lapses. just this week officials said they found a pair of stun guns in a man's checked luggage at new york's jfk airport. another passenger reportedly left a stun gun on board a jetblue plane at newark airport last week. and earlier this month, we're told a man got caught heading from new york to los angeles using an expired boarding pass. but the transportation security administration reports that airports today are still safer than ever. doug mckelway is live for us in washington. doug, what else is t.s.a. saying about this? >> well, they are pointing out that over the last 10 years
7:31 pm
millions of travelers have safely flown from american airports and in a statement today the t.s.a. said this: the numbers represent a tiny fraction of 1% of the more than 5.5 billion travelers at the more than 450 airports nationwide that we have screened effectively since 9/11. but, here are some of the breaches they were talking about in the hearing today. 6,000 improperly screened passengers or carry on items. 2616 people who gained access to sterile areas of airports and 1318 of whom gained access to airport pressroom centers -- perimeters or or to aircraft operation areas it caused john micah to hold up a picture in his state and level this sarcastic broadside. >> i don't know of any explosive device that could possibly be penetrate 16 feet here except maybe a nuclear weapon. >> there are concerns that a
7:32 pm
couple of stow aways on recent flights gained access to airport operations simply by walking on to the grounds, trace? >> trace: doug, what other reaction are we getting from lawmakers? >> primarily that the t.s.a. has become a huge bureaucracy that cannot respond efficiently and quickly to changing threats. >> i am not critical of its nation. i am critical of its measures. in my judgment, the effectiveness of the t.s.a. is compromised by a rigid attitude of arrogance and bureaucracy. >> this hearing today a tough blow for the t.s.a. which is routinely hammered on youtube and elsewhere with videos of little kids or wheel chaired bound grandmothers being patted down. the t.s.a. endears that in the face of very real evolving threats according to counter terrorism officials. one of the most recent ones the threat of belly bombs, surgery implanted explosives, trace?
7:33 pm
>> trace: doug mckelway in d.c. thank you. stock losses after three days of losses. the dow up. the nasdaq adding 15 and the s&p gaining four points. traders were happy to hear the federal reserve may take more stimulus measures if the economy gets worse. well, a judge in boston now delaying a decision on whether to release whitey bulger's girlfriend. catherine greg lived with the former mob boss during his 16 years on the run and prosecutors have charged her with harboring a fugitive. she is trying to get the judge to let her go free on bail but a man who says bulger killed his dad didn't have a lot of sympathy for greg. listen. >> she went knowingly and willingly with him. so i don't have any compassion for her. you know, she knew exactly what she was doing, what she was getting herself into. her defense quoted many times she is a very intelligent woman. she is a very nice woman. i don't doubt that one bit, but this woman has been rolling around the planet with the most wanted man. >> the feds have also released
7:34 pm
some surveillance video of greg from her time on the run. it says it shows her going into a pharmacy to get bulger a prescription using a fake i.d. but greg's lawyers have argued she had nothing to do with bulger's acts of violence. the polygamist family from the reality tv show sister wives today challenging utah's bigamy law. a law that makes their lifestyle a felony. the attorney for cody brown's large family filing suit today in salt lake city. the browns and their 16 kids moved to nevada in january after utah authorities launched a bigamy investigation. the family's attorney releasing a statement that reads in part and i'm quoting here: we believe that this case represents the strongest factual and legal basis for a challenge. to the criminalization of polygamy ever filed in the federal courts. >> not only does cody brown support polygamy he flawnts it, giving the world an inside look at his unmodern family in the cable reality show sister wives.
7:35 pm
>> i just fell in love and then i fell in love again and then i fell in love again. >> despite the show's title, there is only one wife. cody brown is only legally married to mary. but he lives with janel, christine, and robin. together they have 16 children. but according to utah wants state law, you can be convicted of bigamy, a third degree felony, by just living with more than one woman. and that's why the cody family is suing the state. not to change the polygamy laws but to protect what they call their right to be left alone. >> county state of utah make this family and tens of thousands of other families presumptively criminal simply because of their private ripsz? >> the mormon church abandoned polygamy in 1890 as a condition of gaining state hood but an estimated 38,000 fundamentalists mormons not associated with the mormon church still practice polygamy. but the state has not prosecuted
7:36 pm
anyone for plural marriage since 2003. and so far they have not taken steps to prosecute cody brown and his sister wives. and that could under do their lawsuit. >> in order to challenge the constitutionality of a criminal statute, one must first be prosecuted under the criminal statute. so even though it seems strange to say you have to break the law in order to challenge it, that's basically what the law is. >> authorities in utah are continuing to investigate the brown family. if charges were ever pursued, the state would have to extradite the browns because as we said they now live in nevada. well, america's newest medal of honor resip yent telling us more of his story today. president obama awarded the nation's highest military honor yesterday to sergeant first class leroy petry. the army ranger lost his hand throwing a live grenade away from fellow soldiers in afghanistan. today at the pentagon sergeant petry said in some way his replacement hand works better
7:37 pm
than his old one. >> the hand comes off. it's the prosthetic arm. you could add they gave me a set of cutlery knives which i use constantly in the kitchen cooking for a family of five. but they have golf attachments. it's actually it's better -- i picked up golf never golfing before. >> trace: in fact, the new hand works so well that sergeant petry went back to afghanistan after recovering from his injuries. it was his eighth tour of duty as president obama said yesterday, the stuff of which heros are made. that is true. well, you might want to take a closer look at your next phone bill. there is word hidden fees are costing americans billions of dollars a year. a live update on that is just ahead. and a big price hike from netflix. now some customers are fighting back. you see, airline credit cards promise flights
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>> trace: when was the last time you took a really close look at your landline phone bill? notice any strange fees? well, the feds just released a report on unauthorized charges on telephone bills and the results are shocking. according to the report festival -- telephone companies and third party billers rake in an estimated $2 billion in hidden fees each year, that's your money by the way. we're told a large percentage of those fees appear to be illegal. now some lawmakers want to push phone companies to make it easier for all of us to find
7:41 pm
those hidden fees. >> it's called cramming. and it refers to what we call mysterious charges that appear on american phone bills for services that people don't want and don't use and didn't ask for. and shouldn't have to pay for. >> trace: phone companies such as at&t have said and continue to say that they are doing everything they can. molly henneberg with the news. she is live for us in washington. molly, those companies don't want a blanket ban against the practice of third party billing, right? >> that's right, trace. they say many customers prefer the convenience of one monthly phone bill that includes legitimate charges from third parties over multiple phone bills. verizon says it risks using customers when illegal cramming happens and so says the company does not tolerate cramming. we have revoked the billing privileges before 20 third party service providers per year for the past several years for crasming-related reasons. still, phone companies do get
7:42 pm
paid a fee by the third party companies to include their charges on customers' bills. likely trace another reason why they don't want a blanket ban against it. >> trace: we all want to know what consumers can do to stop the cramming, molly. >> in essence go over your monthly phone bill with a fine tooth comb. the fcc says review it as you would your credit card bill. make sure you authorized all the services listed. pay attention to the smaller charges for $2, $3 or so. often crammers try not to raise suspicion by adding small but still illegal charges. and shop around and make phone companies compete for your business. also, if you see vague charges on your bill listed as service fee or minimum monthly usage fee, call your phone company and ask what that means. trace? >> trace: good advice. molly henneberg live for us in washington. molly, thank you. netflix customers outraged to learn they have to pay more to keep the same service they have right now.
7:43 pm
the company housing new pricing for popular streaming and movie rental package. executives decided to split the plan up to help boost their bottom line. now, there is a package for unlimited streaming and one for dvd by mail only. each of those plans cost $7.99 versus the previous two for one at $9.99. there has been a huge backlash from existing customers. some threatening to drop the service. others flooding the company's web site with complaints for subscribers who decide to stick with the service, their bill will increase in september. but the change goes into effect immediately for new customers. well, the body of former first lady betty ford now at the presidential library and museum of her husband former president gerald ford. her remains leaving her adopted southern california home today for the last time. accompanied by her family. and arriving in grand rapids, michigan, about three hours ago, a motorcade bringing her body to that museum for a private
7:44 pm
service. betty ford set to be interred tomorrow at her husband's side on what would have been his 98th birthday. we are seeing some fresh fallout today from the british tabloid hacking scandal news corps which is the parent company of the fox news channel has now dropped its effort to get full control of british sky broadcasting b sky b. it's all because of backlash of the phone hacking scandal at news of the world. investigators say staffers at that newspaper hacked into the voice mail accounts of people whom they were covering. news corps has since shut down the tabloid but the controversy continues. today executives acknowledge that the b sky b deal just wasn't going to happen. in a statement the company's deputy chairman said and i'm quoting here: we believe that the proposed acquisition of b sky b corporation would benefit both companies but it has become clear that it is too difficult to progress in this climate.
7:45 pm
the british prime minister david cammeron put it a little more strongly. >> what has happened at this company is disgraceful. it's got to be addressed at every level and they should stop thinking about mergers when they have got to sort out the mess they have created. >> trace: prime minister announcing he has appointed a senior judge to investigate the scandal. and in washington senators barbara boxer and jay rockefeller are questioning whether news corps broke u.s. laws. they have now asked the justice department and the securities and exchange commission to investigate. well, a scorching heat wave pushing temperatures in 15 states above the 100-degree mark. and in parts of the country, it's not just killing crops. the deadly details on that just ahead. plus, 100-mile an hour chase with kids in the car. and a woman at the wheel. we'll show you how it ended coming up.
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>> trace: a fox urgent now, president obama reportedly says he will not budge any further in the debt limit showdown even if it puts his presidency at risk. this apparently happened at today's meeting at the white house. according to the reuters news agency the president said, and i'm quoting here. "i've reached my limit. this may bring down my presidency. bring my presidency down, rather, but i will not yield on this." as we reported earlier house majority leader eric cantor claims the president abruptly walked out of the meeting. democratic aides deny that. while prosecutors in northern california today releasing a chilling home video that police found in the home of flip and nannies gure read doe. the company convicted of kidnapping and raping jaycee. he is currently serving 34
7:50 pm
sentence. his wife 34 to life. she claims he repeatedly raped her in a shed behind his home. she even gave birth to two of his children before finally alerting police. in the video, philip gure read doe can be asked to pretend focus the camera on him instead record children playing behind him. the rest of the video is out of focus and very shaky, but, listen. >> so what you need to do to make it look like you are pointing at me. you need to move over in front of me where you can get -- sort of looks like it's pointing at me, going just by me. >> trace: video reportedly from around the same year that he kidnapped jaycee lee dugard. well, a weather alert now and dangerously hot weather still blasting parts of the united states today. high temperatures and humidity a major concern for folks along the atlantic coast and in parts of the south. the heat wave even causing a few
7:51 pm
deaths according to the national weather service. the chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is now live in the extreme weather center. rick, there has been some relief for a few but, boy, people down south are struggling. >> they have been struggling for over two months across much the south. texas into louisiana. all kinds of records have been broken. even goes down towards parts of the deep south and mid-atlantic coast. big break across the northeast today right now today there have been some changes. yesterday we had 23 states that had some sort of heat advisory on. now that's down to nine here across parts of the south. and no relief here unfortunately but there has been a little bit of relief for the folks a little bit farther towards the north, trace. >> trace: apparently there is another heat wave coming in weekend, rick? >> yeah, i have got to tell you. this is all kind of repeat. if we saw this t. this week we will see a repeat of it and maybe next time hotter. tomorrow you start to see these temps climb a little bit here toward the central plains not as bad. kansas city still nice toward the far northern plains. take a look rapid city back to 91.
7:52 pm
kansas city 95. minneapolis 90. all of this heat builds right back across the exact same area. the south no real relief at all. then we will watch this very slowly progress. this is all moving slowly so you get this kind of heat there it doesn't go away in a couple of days and down across the south we are talking about a couple months. i will tell you this is going to be going on with us for much of the weekend and into the next week for the northeast down across the south. it certainly looks like we're going to be stuck with this unfortunately through much of at least probably the next two weeks before we see any kind of break at all. >> trace: rick, i just want to quickly ask you. the tropics have been very quiet this time of year. it's mid july and really nothing coming as far as tropical storms, right. >> there really isn't. one little development that we saw earlier today just to the south in mexico didn't have enough time to develop. that's bringing a lot of rain into mexico. kind of in mid july, this is typically when we don't see a lot of the activity. the far peak of hurricane season happens around that middle part of september. so we have a long ways to go. but right now we're looking
7:53 pm
pretty good. >> trace: rick reichmuth live for us in the extreme weather center. rick, good to see you. thank you. we are now getting a better idea of how venezuelan president hugo chavez is doing after his cancer surgery in cuba last month. chavez report thedly telling state television he expects to undergo chemotherapy or -- running this video today showing chavez with friends and aides at a military academy in caracas praying for his recovery. he says the tumor that doctors removed in cuba was the size of a baseball. but that the first phase of his post surgical treatment was going well. chavez saying his body seems tougher than even he believed. well, a few days ago justin timberlake convinced his friends with benefits co-star mila kunis to go on a date with a marine who asked her out over youtube. j.t. has an invitation of his own from another marine and perhaps he had better say yes.
7:54 pm
the details on that are next. but, first, get fox news on the go using your cell phone or any other mobile device. just go to for alerts, streaming video and access to clips from all your favorite shows. again, that's at [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience
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>> looks like mila and justin
7:57 pm
timberlake can go on date with marines. after pressure from timberlake kunis said yes. now another marine has asked out j.t. himself. listen. >> so, justin, you want to call out my girl mila. i'm going to call you out and ask you to come to the marine corps ball with me on november 12th in washington, d.c. and if you can't go, all i have to say is cry me over. hit me up. >> trace: looks like that marine does martial arts training at quantico. justin could be a mighty dangerous idea to turn her down. before we go our team's top five stuff the day. number five latest harry potter flick opening on foreign markets. it opens tomorrow at midnight. number four the texas search group equusearch suing casey anthony to get more than $100,000 it spent looking for caylee. number three 21 people are reported dead and 100 injured after a series of bombings in india's capital of mumbai.
7:58 pm
number the two credit rating group moody's reviewing the government's a.a.a. bond rating and a downgrade is possible and number one house majority leader eric cantor claiming president obama abruptly walked out of today's debt limit meeting. but a democratic aide now says, quote. congressman cantor is the last person who should complain about people abruptly walking out of meetings. and that is the fox report's top five. well, on this day in 1930, sports fans uruguay for the start of soccer's very first world cup. it all began when the olympic committee decided to drop soccer from the summer games. fifa decided to start their own tournament. unfortunately the world was in the midst of a great depression and several of the best teams and players, they couldn't afford the trip. on opening day france beat
7:59 pm
mexico and the united states beat belgium. and in the end, the home team of uruguay, well they won it all but the world drank from the same cup 81 years ago today and that is the fox report for wednesday, july 13th, 2011. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard shepard smith. thank you so much for having us in your home tonight. during our story about news of the world, we put up chase kerry's name incorrectly on name. deputy chairman chief operating officer. there was a misspelling. we apologize for that and more. and remember for all your news, 24/7. the big story the ongoing negotiations for the debt. the democrats say president obama did not abruptly walk out of a meeting today and the republicans say he did. we'll have breaking news throughout the evening right here on the fox news channel but "the o'reilly factor," bill o'reilly starts right now.

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